I’m in no way an expert, just an amateur photographer who likes what he does. But I’ve been doing this long enough so that I at least think I can give the beginners a few tips and tricks about various fields of photography.  All the technical and practical things about photography, I’ll keep away from. I’m not going to tell you how your camera works or how to take aparture, ISO and shutter speed into consideration. That I hope you’ve already found out. And if not, there’s a million pages on the internet that will tell you these things. If you’re still confused after searching the internet and still haven’t found out the basics of photography, I would suggest a workshop or other beginners course in photography.

On my webpage I’ll give you other tips. For example how to shoot the Aurora Borealis, the use of different types of filters, long exposures, timelapse photography and panorama photography to name some of the topics.