My name is Bjørn-Erik Thorud and I’m an amateur photographer.

I’ve had cameras all my life. From small instamatics, to compacts, slr’s and now DSLR’s. And don’t forget the mobile phone with camera.

I was born in 1970 in a place called Andenes where I also spent my first years. Later me and my family moved to the southern part of Norway where we lived until I was 7. Then we moved back to Andenes and stayed until I was 16. For a short while (a little over a year) we lived in Philadelphia. After moving back I finnished high school and joined the Army like every other boy in Norway at the age of 18.

After leaving the army I spent a few years at school before taking a job as programmer for an IT company in Tromsø. Then I moved south and started to work for another company as a programmer. But sick of that after a few years I changed profession and started to work in logistics for a big pharmaceutical distributer in Oslo, Norway.

But after 9 years working in Oslo I felt I had to do something different. There was something missing and I knew what it was. I was missing the north. I was missing my birthplace. And one day I got a chance to change my job again and I packed my stuff and left Oslo.

That was a little more than 5 years ago. So her I am, in the northern part of Norway. On the island where I was born. This is my home and I hope it’ll be my home for many years to come.